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Cjots is a console note taker program written in Perl for Linux using Perl's Curses library. It was inspired by KDE's Kjots. Cjots was written to fill the needs of those people who like the functonality of jotter programs like Kjots, but need don't use KDE, or spend most of their time in a terminal and therefore need a console program. Cjots is also compatible with the Kjots file format so files can be shared between the two applications.

The intuitive and quick-to-use interface and auto-save functionality of Cjots makes it ideal for working with just about any kind of textual information. How many times have you simply wanted to store, add to, or find a piece of information and been annoyed by save / load file dialogs and 'are you sure you want to ...?' messages?. Cjots takes that hassle out of your life.

Cjots also supports interaction with the command line and has a simple plugin framework which greatly increases its possible uses and also can export pages or books to plain text or HTML.

You can check out the Cjots Online Documentation for further information (which was written in Cjots)

Cjots is written in Perl and uses Perl's Curses library.
Perl (Perl 5) can be found almost anywhere.
The Curses library can be download at cspan.org.  Debian users can probably apt-get install libcurses-ui-perl without any problems

Cjots 0.20:
Cjots Version 0.20

Check the File Release section of the Cjots Project at SourceForge for the latest release. 0.90 Is the latest release. All versions so far are development releases, we are working towards 1.0, the first stable release.

Check the News Release section of the Cjots Project at SourceForge for the latest Cjots news

Some Online Documentation on how to use Cjots
This Documentation was written in Cjots and exported as HTML!
Here is the original Cjots file.

It's always great to have some feedback and even some help. Please send comments / ideas / bug reports / complaints to the author:

jesse.read AT gmail.com
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Jesse Read, Argentina 2006